Why Running is Good for You

You will probably get a different opinion on this depending on who you ask. Overwhelmingly though, runners will say that running is definitely good for you. There are even those who say it is something we evolved to do. People who say it’s not good for you may use that as an excuse for why they don’t run, so we wouldn’t give their arguments too much weight.
We can best break down the benefits of running into physical, mental, and general benefits.

Physical Benefits

The physical benefits are those most commonly associated with running. These include burning calories, improving your cardiovascular health by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, and building bone and overall strength, but there are many more.

Some of the lesser-known physical benefits are:

  • Running lowers bad (LDL) cholesterol and raises good (HDL) cholesterol levels
  • Runners get more vitamin D by being outdoors more. The increased vitamin D levels boost your immune system and help fight off the common cold
  • The chemical changes in the brain help to generate new neurons, which may be what helps fight age-related cognitive decline
  • Aerobic exercise like running reduces the risk of death from cancer as well as heart disease

Psychological or Mental benefits

The psychological or mental benefits are less well-known. This is unfortunate, as they could be even more significant than the physical benefits. Running reduces stress and helps alleviate the symptoms of depression, anxiety disorder, and panic attacks, allowing you to sleep better.

  • Running induces changes in the brain which increase the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, both of which make you feel good.
  • Regular running improves insulin sensitivity, which could be a great help if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

General Benefits

You can run anywhere, anytime, and you can take the dog with you, making sure he or she gets their exercise too.

Running saves you time as there’s no need to commute to the gym for your exercise.

All you need in terms of equipment is a good pair of shoes, shorts, and a shirt.

You will find arguments for both sides, but overall, the arguments are overwhelmingly in agreement that running is good for you. Overall, running can help you live longer and maintain a better quality of life, and lastly, running is a great way to relax from your forex trading.

29 Apr 2021