If God is Good, Why Isn't the World Better?

Is he indifferent or just incompetent?

When we make the statement that God is good, what do we mean by good?

Our natural tendency is to believe that if God is good and he loves mankind, then he will make life pleasant for us.

Consequently, when things go well for us, we're inclined to think that God is good, and when they don't, we question his goodness or even his existence.

Our current happiness is not a standard by which to judge God's goodness.

We are not the center of the universe, not the reference point against which goodness can be judged. It sounds silly even to say it, but we act and think as though God's goodness depends on how well we like what's going on.

We are not in a position to judge the goodness of God's actions. We see too small a part of the overall picture - a picture that covers all of time and all of mankind.

The only way for us to know whether God is good is to get to know him, to experience his character first hand. And the way to get to know God is to go where he is most intensely, in his church.

When God reveals himself to us, then we know that he is good.

That is our experience of him. Goodness beyond imagining, goodness that is pure and true and complete.

When we know that God is good, then we begin to see him bringing good out of sufferings and tragedies.

This is the form God's goodness takes in our world: he works to bring every person to a knowledge of himself and to an active relationship with himself.

This is goodness: to know God, to experience his love and guidance in our lives.

Is God good? There is no other good but God. He is the source of everything that is good. But don't take my word for it. Get to know him yourself.

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